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VONIGO gets CFR Rinkens’ expert to discuss environmental friendliness

VONIGO is a developer of intuitive, cloud-based and mobile suite of business applications. In response to a recent Forbes article stating that the $12B annual moving industry is among seven industries ripe for disruption – They asked businesses that are already disrupting the status quo in the moving and shipping industry: Who will be first to disrupt this industry, and how? What part will technology play?

Christoph Seitz, Co-Owner of CFR Rinkens, talks about CFR’s moves towards an environmentally friendly fleet, and the containerization trend in the new car industry.

“Electric Trucks and Containerized Shipping”

We are among the first to move toward an environmentally friendly shipping fleet. This will help to reduce fossil fuel requirements by our trucking fleet, thus reducing our emissions footprint. I believe this trend will continue to grow as technology improves and more organizations recognize the benefits.

Also, in our industry, more and more car manufacturers are considering ocean containers as an alternative method for shipping their cars around the world. The traditional method is roll-on-roll-off, where the cars are driven on and off ships that look like giant floating parking garages.

Since our specialty is shipping primarily used cars in containers, the containerization trend in the new car industry is extremely exciting as we have an opportunity to grab some of that giant market share, which translates into big numbers for us. We already have one major new car shipping contract – Tesla Motors – with the goal of adding other similar contracts this year.

-Christoph Seitz

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CFR Rinkens

CFR Rinkens provides global door-to-door shipping solutions for any cargo. While known primarily for our expertise in classic car & new vehicle transportation, we also have vast experience in handling commercial freight, household goods, and complex project, oversize and break-bulk cargo. With offices and agents around the Unites States, Europe & Asia-Pacific, we're ready for any of your logistics needs.

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