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CFR Rinkens – Your Guide to the Best Car Dealers in North America


Looking to buy a car in America? Use the map and listing below to locate the best car dealers all over North America! While CFR cannot guarantee the car dealers’ services, we can confirm that we either work with these dealers already or have vetted them to be reliable, based on the information provided to us.


Use CFR Rinkens to promote your services for free! Please click the button below to provide your information to CFR. We will then contact you to discuss the options. You can also request shipping quotes to anywhere in the world via this quote request.


Vintage Car Connections
Vehicle Pre-Purchase- Inspection and Escrow Service. After a specific vehicle is chosen, the vehicle is located, seller is contacted on buyers behalf, vehicle is inspected, and a detailed evaluation including photos, video, and CARFAX (1981 and up) is provided.

Cool Car Man
“Cool Car Man” classic car broker service, connects sellers and buyers across the Atlantic (US and EU Markets). Buyers can navigate the options available, removing the guesswork of buying sight-unseen. The purchase process is facilitated by providing the parties with all relevant information and the necessary paperwork to proceed with shipping the vehicle through CFR Rinkens.


CFR Rinkens has been shipping new and used cars from the U.S. and Canada to many countries around the world for more than 20 years. As one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, CFR has revolutionized the containerized car shipping industry with its innovative loading technology. See a video of it here. Because of that long history, CFR is well-known among hundreds of large and small car dealers around the U.S. and Canada and has built a customer base with tens of thousands of happy clients. The purpose of this page is to connect North American car dealers with CFR’s clients around the world. The idea is simple: Dealers are invited to have their information listed for free so that our clients can easily browse through the names and find the perfect seller in the perfect location.  If a new dealer is not known to us or we have never worked with them, CFR will vet them to make sure they are an existing business.

While CFR cannot guarantee the quality of the dealer’s services or of the cars they sell, we will assure that they actually are in the business of buying and selling cars and are not a simple internet scam to collect money from trusting buyers overseas. Unfortunately, scams are a big problem in this business. For more information, please read this blog post. If buyers are in doubt, they can always use CFR’s top-rated escrow service which works like this: The client wires the purchase amount to CFR, and then CFR pays the dealer when CFR picks up the car from the dealer. For more information on our escrow and shipping services…. If you are an existing client, please contact your sales representative for more information.  If you are a new client, please call or email us, contact us via chat, or complete our quote request form.

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