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CFR – Shipping Industry News & Updates

How Can You Avoid Car Shipping Scams in 2021?

Scams are unfortunately something we frequently have to take into consideration before moving forward with certain services or product purchases. This is especially the case in niche service offerings, such as the shipping industry. Many of us deal with the shipment of small goods on a frequent basis, but how often are you shipping a…

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What is the Outlook for Autonomous Semi-Trucks?

The trucking industry is a major part of today’s supply chain, responsible for transporting about 70% of all goods. In a world where everything is becoming more streamlined, automated, and efficient by the day, autonomous semi-trucks are now on the horizon. From this development, many questions are being asked regarding what the outlook for autonomous…

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Silk Road: CFR Rinkens Completes Industry-First Block Train with Finished Vehicles to Germany

Los Angeles, May 14, 2020. Freight forwarder CFR Rinkens, a global leader in containerized auto logistics, has successfully completed the first westbound rail shipment of finished vehices on the Silk Road into Germany. In cooperation with Chinese rail operator Yuxinou Logistics, 36 containers with 100 Dongfeng Motor Corporation's (DFSK) Fengon Glory SUVs arrived in the…

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